Advisory Services for Retail Investors

Additional Information

 Retail investors are of prime importance to us. We help them with our expert advice and also help execute them. Our primary services for them are to help plan their future. We wish to be their “Family Financial Advisors”.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

We define comprehensive financial planning as that which has a long-term transformational impact on our client’s finances. We work with clients in an advisory capacity to help them develop and refresh investment strategies: we apply our deep investment experience and couple it with a structured, data-driven approach that enables clients to create informed and de-risked investment strategies and road-maps on the way forward.

The outcome of our work varies between consolidation within existing investment portfolio of client, new investment. This service involves following structure:

Goal Analysis

We discuss and set financial goals of the client based on requirements of life – giving time frames to the targets.  We also take inputs on existing sources of income, planned income and related financial data. To cater the client the best, we seek about an hour long appointment for the purpose.

Portfolio Analysis

Defining goals, taking financial data and measuring requirements, we consider the existing portfolio of the client in detail. This portfolio is analyzed and noted for any resurrection or considered for more investments.

Market Analysis

Prevailing market is always a consideration in finances. We analyze the market, client’s risk appetite and requirements to define strategy for further investments and realization of dreams.

Investment Strategy Definition

Taking into account all the goals, existing portfolio and prevailing market, we give you complete financial plan and investment strategy and advisory. The advisory document contains following:

  • Insurance – Life Insurance requirements and also Health Insurance needs
  • Income Tax Saving Investments – The requirements for saving taxes
  • Detailed Investment Advices based on client’s Financial Goals
  • Detailed Cash Flow Chart for 100 years of age of client based on financial goals, its achievements and other requirements.
  • The advisory would also contain retirement planning!

We also help our clients with the investment implementations.

Individual Advisory Services

Roopantaran Consultancy works with its clients on their immediate financial requirements as well. Clients can ask individual questions on our service gamut and we will answer them as per your needs and financial requirements. 

Clients can ask us questions like:

  • Will this scrip do well in future?
  • Is this insurance enough for me?
  • Will my following portfolio of mutual funds help me achieve my target?
  • Will this mutual fund good for me?
  • What will be the income tax implication if I do this?
  • Will doing this imply income tax for me?

Your queries will be answered in a systematic approach as structured below:

Requirement Analysis

Client may have an insight for her investment. And therefore, there may be a certain viewpoint for her. We take into account all her requirements to give a best possible answer to her query. For gathering complete requirement, we normally seek half an hour appointment at her suitable time.

Market Insight

Investments need regular surveillance and changes or shuffling with time. Keeping this in mind, we look, in detail, the market scenario and capture the best resolution.

Investment Strategy

Getting the complete requirement and investment requirement of the client and depth of market, we define with client, the industry best practice for her investment and give her the most value for mon