Advisory Services for Corporates

Corporate world across India can engage us for different reasons. We, being one stop destination for all financial needs, can help them financing their needs and also help create and audit balance sheets.

Financing – Loans, Unsecured Loans and Private Equity

Roopantaran Consultancy works with its corporate clients for financing their needs by arranging capital for their working capital or projects. We arrange mortgage and non-mortgage loans at market competitive rates. Ask us for the most competetive interest rates!

We also arrange funding from different investors across India and world for enterprises via venture capitals and different equity investors. Below is the approach we follow for venture capitalists.

Investment Advisory on Corpus Funds

Roopantaran Consultancy invests in immediate and better returns of corpus lying in bank accounts of corporate customers. The corpus can be used for short term better returns and then withdrawn for the needs. For this we follow the approach same as individual advisory services for retail customers:

Requirement Analysis

Client may have an insight for her investment. And therefore, there may be a certain viewpoint for her. We take into account all her requirements to give a best possible answer to her query. For gathering complete requirement, we normally seek half an hour appointment at her suitable time.

Market Insight

Investments need regular surveillance and changes or shuffling with time. Keeping this in mind, we look, in detail, the market scenario and capture the best resolution.

Investment Strategy

Getting the complete requirement and investment requirement of the client and depth of market, we define with client, the industry best practice for her investment and give her the most value for money.

Audits, Balance Sheet Preparation and Income Tax Advisory

Roopantaran Consultancy also files ITR and other relevant Corporate forms, prepares and audits balance sheets.